Boned, braised and sliced turkey in soy sauce

I made this dish for my guests, who like to try different cuisines all over the world. I promised that I would cook something with local raw materials but possessing quite different tastes.

The dinner party was held right before Christmas, therefore, I chose turkey as main dish. Besides, I found people here like soy sauce very much, they even directly stir soy sauce into steamed rice to promote the smell. Okay, I have almost had the idea:

1. Two turkey drumsticks, boned and cut in half lengthwise; then marinated in the mixture of dark soy sauce and 1 tsp salt (the amount of dark soy sauce is not precise, because it doesn't bring too much salty taste, instead, it gives the beautiful color) over night (kept in the fridge).

2. Heat an empty wok (without oil) over high temperature. When the wok is hot, place turkey drumsticks skin side down into the wok, until the skin is brown.

3. Turn over the drumsticks, add water (leave skin out of the water), two star anises and the left marinated sauce. Evenly sprinkle 2 tbsp sugar on the skin. Bring to boil, cover the wok and braise under medium heat for 20 minutes.

4. Switch to high temperature, remove cover, turn over drumsticks several times, so that both meat and skin can be covered with thick sauce.

5. Stop heating and transfer drumsticks to the rack when there is about 1 cup sauce left in the wok. Remove star anises from the sauce and transfer sauce to a container.

6. Cool drumsticks for about 10 minutes and slice. Warm the sauce when necessary, pour warm sauce on the sliced drumsticks, decorate with parsley flakes and vegetable flowers.


My guests were surprised to see that turkey could be cooked in this way, and they emptied the whole plate of turkey ;=P

I will continue to introduce you my recipes on cooking turkey, hope you will like them.

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