Our landlord just visited us, said: "I appologize for what happened when I was absent. I have never met this before and I will try to give each resident a number, so that there will be no conflict." I replied: "He shouldn't threaten us in this way. It isn't a big deal, eh? Why people couldn't be nice to each other?"

What happened on earth?

Several weeks ago, my hubby had just sat down to start his lunch, our door was knocked, bang-bang-bang...

We opened the door, a fifty-year-old man standing there, angrily asked us to move our car from the parking lot: "That's my parking lot, I shovelled its snow this morning." My hubby answered him: "Before I left where I parked, I shovelled snow too. However, now, it is occupied by another car. Our landlord has already told me that no one has a fixed parking lot and we could park wherever we want. If you really want to have this problem solved, complain to him." This man shouted: " I won't talk a damn with him, NOW, I want you to move. Otherwise, I will damage your car!" My hubby said in a calm voice: "Okay, then we will meet in court. I know your number."

It is really annoying. We had been interrupted during lunch or dinner many times for this.

I don't think they also knock other resident's door like that -- they greet each other in smile. The only thing encourages them to do so is that we are not local and English is not our mother tongue.

We didn't want this happen ever again, it is not fair. We asked our landlord for help and his assistant came to talk with that guy; meanwhile, he said he would give us a fixed parking lot.

We have no idea what else he did -- the result seems not bad, nobody knocks at our door any more.

In local supermarket, the counterwoman only greets me when other people stand aside. What an ugly and frozen smile!

When I received a letter concerning my renewal of membership as volunteer in Canadian Red Cross, my resolution is fluctuated. Should I continue to help people while not respected or even discriminated? Though I filled the application form eventually, I don't know how long I can do this... it depends...

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M said...


It is heart breaking to read this. you have so much to offer. There are those who are stupid, and idiot, and make other people's life miserable.

Just hang in there.

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