Cumin lamb

Lamb, oh, tastes soooooooo great!

Traditionally, we eat lamb during winter. My granny used to cook lamb porridge. She believed that lamb can bring energy and help us warm. But taking too much lamb once will bring some inflammation or raise blood pressure.

After I buy lamb, I prefer dividing it into small portions (1/2 lb per portion), so that I can cook lamb in different styles and avoid eating too much once.

During Christmas, I bought a frozen leg of lamb which was only 3 bucks per pound, no one would reject that offer, ^O^ So, it is time to enjoy lamb.

Yesterday, I cooked cumin lamb. Cumin can help to remove the "unpleasant" smell of lamb (some people don't like that smell).

Defrost 1/2 lb lamb and cut into 1.5 cm cubes. Wash cubes in running tap water to remove blood, dry with paper towel.

Prepare three seasoning: 1 tsp cumin (not ground), 1/2 tsp salt and 1 tsp chili powder.

Heat an empty wok over high power, pour lamb into the hot wok, stir until all cubes turn to white in color.

Stir in cumin and then salt.

When water has almost evaporated, stir in chili powder, blend evenly.

Stir-fry lamb to very dry, and transfer to plate, serve immediately.

I love the smell of cumin :) But chili powder is less spicy than I expected... um, I probably should make my own chili powder next time. 


M said...

I have ground Cumin. It does have a strong smell.

I never cooked Lamb, because, I dont know how. But, next time, I will definitely try it.

Sure, it taste good.

Ruby@Cuisine said...

Ground cumin is okay for taste. Unground cumin sprinkled over lamb works as garnish.

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