Les Jardins de Métis (Part 1)

During the last four years, we lived in Québec province. If language issue is ignored, there are many beautiful memories worth keeping, repeating and writing down.

My favourite garden there is Les Jardins de Métis, where we have paid three visits, and I would like to be there more -- every visit, I felt the experience fresh.

This garden is located near Grand-Métis, a village where Mitis River hugs St-Lawrence River.

Himalayan Blue Poppy is the symbol of garden; this shinny genius can be found everywhere in the garden:

At entrance, a lovely plant like hair style of a naughty boy and a mini waterfall:

In stream garden,  

A typical scene of Long Walk and there are many peonies and roses:

Different graceful lilies can be found in this garden, blue gentians spread behind lilies, like stars twinkling in the sky: 


So many unidentified flowers:


An identified animal -- squirrel :-)

Among the beauties, there are:

(to be continued)

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