Homemade gelatin

I have collected a large box of pork skin in my freezer -- torn from pork shoulder, pork hock.

Okay, it is time to have my homemade gelatin ^&^.

People say, gelatin is of nutrition, works well in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ... this and that. I have no idea if they are true, because I haven't found data to support that theory yet. What I am interested in is that gelatin is fat and cholesterol-free. And, I don't think throwing pork skin in garbage is a good idea, see, I paid the same price for skin as meat.

(1) Bring a pot of water to boil, put in defrosted skin, bring water to boil again, turn off power and cover for 5 minutes.

(2) Cool skin with tap water, remove white fat and clean skin fully.

(3) Thinly slice skin.

(4) Rub slices in water, rinse until water is clear.

(5) Strain and dry slices (totally, 2 cup pork skin slices obtained).

(6) Add 3 cup water and pork skin slices in a pot, bring to boil.

(7) Remove white foam with small size sieve until the surface is clear.

(8) Transfer to a preheated slow cooker, cook in "High" mode for 5 hours, or until the broth is thick and white in color. Dip a drop of broth on the pointer, touch it with thumb, strong stickiness can be felt.

(9) Strain through jelly strainer bag to a container.

(10) Cool to room temperature and then keep in the fridge until gelatin forms.

I eat sliced gelatin with a mixture of soy sauce and Sichuan chilli sauce as side dish. It can also be used in baking.


Anonymous said...


I was looking for a organic gelatin I could make at home.

thanks a lot,

Ruby@Cuisine said...

Thank you for your comment, have a nice day, Dave.

Unknown said...

Is it possible to use this gelatin for jellies and other sweet treats calling for gelatin? How long does it keep? Can you dehidrate it to make dry gelatine sheets? Thank you

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