When I was watching the movie RATATOUILLE, I thought this dish as a magic, I could even feel the good smell and the soft taste. The introduction from wikipedia discloses that it is just a stewed vegetable mixture and even no precise recipe. Oops. But, I still imagine -- after a whole day busy working, man comes back home, the hot ratatouille dish with various well cooked vegetables has been placed on the table; he then sits down, enjoying this comfort dish with sour dough bread or a bowl of rice -- there must be a smile on his face.

The main ingredients in this dish are eggplant, zucchini, tomato, green pepper. Tomato and green pepper don't taste good in winter, so I only use ketchup instead.

One eggplant, two peeled zucchinis and one peeled carrot are all thickly sliced.

In a hot pot, add 2 tbsp olive oil and sautée vegetables; add 2/3 cup chicken stock, cover and stew under medium power for at least 30 minutes or until all slices are sufficiently cooked, especially carrot.

Add some ketchup, stir well and condense the sauce, sprinkle some salt, pepper and chopped parsley.

That's it!

Incredibly delicious! No meat this time, just rice and ratatouille, WOW.

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