Boned pork hock roll

Pork hock is one of my favourites, no matter baked, simmered with soy beans, braised or cooked with soy sauce. One of the popular ways to make pork hock as a main course in festival is boned pork hock roll.

(1) Four pork hocks are boned with sharp knife, reserve bones;

(2) Rinse boned hocks and season with 6 tbsp salt, let stand in the fridge overnight;

(3) Rinse seasoned hocks to remove excess salt;

(4) Divide meat so that it can evenly distribute;

(5) Place some slices of carrots, roll hocks tightly to form tube and tie with kitchen twine;

(6) In a 5 qt. pot, add 2L water, put in rolled pork hock and bones, bring to boil;

(7) Remove foam, add two white part of green onion, two anise stars (optional), two pieces of ginger root and some drops of lemon juice, reduce heat to medium-low, let simmer for about 1 hour or until cooked through;

(8) Transfer rolls to wire rack, let fully cool;

(9) Strain soup through a sieve to remove all solid ingredients including bones -- soup can be used as stock;

(10) Remove twine, and slice hocks and arrange them on a platter, garnish with chopped parsley flakes.

The skin of hocks tastes very chewy, hocks are not greasy, yummo!

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