Chicken rice

Traditional Singapore chicken rice (Hainanese chicken rice) is served with chicken, soup and condiment.

I like the way they prepare chicken rice, which brings rice very different taste and smell. But, in order to have a healthy diet, I don't use chicken fat to fry rice, and I also add some vegetables in the rice, to develop much more aroma and nutrition.

Here is my way of making chicken rice.

(1) Rinse 1 cup white rice (I prefer calrose rice to Thai rice) and soak rice for 1 hour;

(2) Strain to remove water;

(3) In a wok or skillet, add 1 tbsp oil;

(4) Under medium-high power, sauté chopped green onion and ginger root until aroma develops;

(5) Add corn, chopped carrots and celeries and sauté (mushroom is also a good choice);

(6) Stir in rice and 1 tsp salt, don't over work, just make a good blend;

(7) Transfer the mixture to rice cooker, add 1 cup unsalted chicken stock, press down "cook" and let it do the rest of the work;

(8) Serve immediately with any other main courses, fantastic shinny rice!

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