Plain popper

Four-day holiday, it is time to nestle into the soft couch and watch some favorite movies, and, of course, with a full bowl of popcorn. For a long period of time, I reject popcorn. It has been in my list of junk food, too much fat (even trans-fat), sugar or sodium, high calorie, though it smells attractive.

My favorite host, Alton Brown, once mentioned in his show, that popcorn is actually a healthy snack, of high fiber, sugar free, sodium free, low calorie and low fat, IF IT IS POPPED IN A PLAIN WAY.

Okay, that's what I am looking for, a plain way. In his recipe, he still uses 2 tbsp olive oil, 1/4 tsp kosher salt or popcorn salt and some jalapeno seasoning mix for 1/4 cup popcorn. So, my question is, what about popping it without any additive, extremely no sugar, no fat /oil, no salt added? Can I accept that taste?

Here is my test:

In a paper lunch bag, add about 1/4 cup popping corn and fold the top of the bag three times so that it can be sealed well. Shake evenly and then place it into the microwave oven. Under "popcorn" mode, set 4 minutes, and press "Start". The first pop happened in 1 minute, followed by firework-like explosion, in the end, there were about 5 seconds between pops. Done. Wow, good smell!

After putting these popcorns into my stomach, I have no reason to express any dissatisfaction.

The paper bag can be reused for several times, because it is not contaminated at all, very clean.

I have another good idea, popping a large can of poppers and keep them as cereal-milk breakfast, kinda smart, eh?

Here is a pic of an excited popper running towards his friends :=)))))

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