Hubby's travel dairy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard

Part I: MIT

Kendal Hotel -- Most of the visitors to MIT choose this hotel, which is 5-min walk to the campus, right opposite to the subway station (Kendal/MIT station).

The room is quite delicately decorated:

Entry to MIT medical school -- Isn't it a real waterfall? No :) It is just a painting! Amazing, eh?

This is a featured building on MIT campus. Most of the high-tech labs, like computer science, artificial intelligence, etc are located in this building. This building is famous for it's cost of 500 million and leak in the building. 

This is another side of the building:

Earth Science Centre of MIT, the tallest building on campus:

Stadium of MIT, COOL

Architecture Department of MIT

One of the classical buildings of Architecture Department:

Harvard Bridge connecting MIT campus and downtown Boston :

Charles River:

Boston downtown:

Part II: Harvard University

Chemistry and Chemical Biological Department -- my hubby took this photo especially for me (I am a chemist LOL)

Science Center:

Harvard Law School:

The gate of a library crawled with Ivy:

Memorial Church -- All the names of Harvard alumni who died in all the wars are sculptured in this church.

Another church on Harvard campus. The photo was taken at 10 min before 8:00 in the evening:

Statue on the wall of Harvard Yard. Harvard yard was originally the location of Harvard campus, but currently is the residence of freshmen.

Student residence on Harvard Yard

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