Eventually, we had a sunny Saturday.

Saturday morning, I was still busy in the lab, so we decided to spend half a day visiting Amherst Town (NS, Canada). This is a small town, whose population is about 9,000.

We first drove to a horse farm nearby Amherst Regional High School. What a prince!

Downtown Victoria Street:

Old Customs Office. Look at the window, a very special arrangement:

Sculpture beside Court House:

Cenotaph at Victoria Square, erected in 1924. The bronze statue is said to be modeled after Captain Curry of the 85th Highland Brigade who was the son of Senator Curry, the donor of the statue.

Christ Church:

First Baptist Church, built in 1846 of red sandstone.

Stained glass church window:

Old lamp:

Trinity - St. Stephen's United Church:

Signature mural:

Drill Hall:

Lunch at a Chinese Restaurant:

Appetite -- Wonton Soup, I love the wooden bowl and wooden spoon; the amber color of the glass is also lovely.

Main course -- Gong Bao Shrimp and Scallop. We asked for more spicy, yummo! Look at the cutie bowl.


Dessert -- Fancy sundae:


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