Hey, it is summer!

Yesterday, the longest daylight, first day of summer. Feel anything different? Seems not, chilly, rainy, still like spring. But, anyway, it is summer.

On my way to the lab, I shot some pics. Those flowers are very popular wild plants, rosy, violet, both are my favorite colors.

This is John Hammond House, built in 1909, a sandstone building. I love the colorful gardening.

After finishing my culture counting, we went shopping -- grabbed back frozen yogurt and a big big watermelon. See, it is summer, no matter how the temperature is, time to enjoy those, eh?

Afternoon, as usual, housework time.

Look at our dinner, I made salad with watermelon rind (the white part), just tossing slices with olive oil and spicy sauce, easy and yummy.

After dinner, hubby suggested take a walk and enjoy the long daylight. Good idea!

Beautiful sunset on Salem Street (at 20h59):

Happy summer time!

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