Rotisserie chicken

Many people complained about Farberware toaster -- difficult to adjust time and temperature, never have food cooked through, noisy...bla-bla-bla. I have to say that it is unfair. Don't try to use the same procedure as we do in old style big oven, sometimes, we also need experience and wisdom in the kitchen :)

Honestly speaking, I don't like its program of rotisserie, the temperature is too high, while the length of baking is not enough. But, it is not a big problem, just make my own program and save it, done!

I use salt, brown sugar, chili powder and rosemary to marinade chicken. Before baked, it is fixed on the rod and legs are secured with kitchen twine. Hold the two ends, try to rotate the chicken by hand, be sure that it is well fixed. Then, brush chicken with dark soy sauce.

My presetting program mode for rotisserie:

Time: 75 min; Temperature: 375F; Rotisserie: Yes; Convection: No.

Put chicken in (see manual book) the oven; and the drip trap as well.

Check instant temperature, I prefer it reaching 160F, absolutely cooked through.

Very easy, and pretty yummy.

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