Fundy National Park

Last weekend, the weather was amazing. We spent the whole Saturday in Fundy National Park of Canada.

Wolfe Lake:

Bennett Lake, where many people do fishing, kayaking and swimming.

Low-lying fog bank of Fundy Bay:

(click on the picture to view its full size)

Look at the cliff in thick fog -- what a romantic scene:

This one was taken at six in the afternoon, high tide time:

A typical scene of Alma town in low tide / high tide:

We had our lunch at Tide Restaurant, the Scallop and Shrimp Linguini is fancy and tasty. It gave us plenty of energy for the next 4-hour-hiking.

Okay, here it is: Third Vault Falls.

Deep wood, a bit steep. We expected to see animals, but, no big surprise.

This fluffy plant can be found everywhere:

Eventually, we heard the sound of water. this the 16-meter waterfall? Of course not.

We were at the foot of the wooden steps. From that site, it was very hard to see the trail except for a steep rock. It seems very dangerous, because the rocks are slippery. Fortunately, when we were hesitating, we saw three persons climbing up towards us. Therefore, we knew it might be possible to go through the right side with stream and the big water fall probably hides deeply in the valley. Okay, let's go.

Those little water falls are so beautiful, running through rocks covered with green moss.

Wow, look at this, amazing! It took us about 90 minutes to reach there and the hiking was somewhat rough, but see, all worth it!

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Later, we went to Herring Cove. What a gorgeous scene!

It looks like a wolf:

I look forward to my next travel there.

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