Baked pork hock

baked_pork hock

It is not possible to break the bone of pork hock with my kitchen knife. For the long pork hock, I often stew it.

I was so surprised to find cut pork hock, which are quite convenient to bake or braise.

Before baked, the pork hock pieces were marinated by the mixture of sugar, salt and dark soy sauce overnight in the fridge. Then they were wrapped in foil bags. I placed some white part of green onion beneath the pork hocks for more aroma and to benefit the flux of steam. They were baked under 400F for half an hour and then under 375 F for another 30 minutes.After cooled a little bit, bone the pork hocks and dice.

Pour the sauce left in the foil bag over dices before serving.

I love to have the sauce mixed with my white rice, it tastes fantastic.

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