Gorgeous roasted pork loin

Baked pork loin

Pork loin, is one of my favorite type of meat, which has clear texture and very juicy no matter how I cook. Most of time, I would like to shred the meat and stir-fry in a Chinese cuisine way. For holiday, I thinly slice the meat and then grill them on my cast ion pan -- with the beautiful grill mark, it makes the holiday more joyful. However, sometimes, I am too lazy to be creative. Then, the easiest way is, as that I do today, roasting the whole meat. Still tasty, actually, and, you can see, how gorgeous the color is!

First of all, marinate pork loin with any kind of my favorite source. Today's sauce is very simple, a mixture of dark soy sauce, sugar, salt, white pepper. Don't forget to puncture the meat all over with a fork for the sauce to soak in well.

Then, place the marinated meat fat side down on the rack with a drip pan underneath; for the first 40 minutes, use 400F and for the rest of 50 minutes, use 375F. Brush the meat with marinate every 30 minutes.

Dinner is ready:

Baked pork loin02

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