Never stay in Hyatt Regency Boston

My family went to Boston (MA) for a vacation last weekend. I booked a room of king size bed one week in advance via, and I was told that the room was guaranteed.

However, when we arrived there at ten late in the evening, exhaustedly with a sleepy baby, what welcomed us is “I know you will be upset, but, the fact is, the room is not available any more. We have only a room with two twin size beds left.” We told her the concern that our baby is only 19 months’ old and she will fall on the floor if she sleeps on a twin size bed without bed rails and that’s why we booked a king size bed so that we two adults can be the bed rails for her. The woman said:” Don’t yell at me!” God, please check the dictionary and find the definition of “yell”. …Eventually, she agreed to find a crib for my baby.

We waited in our room but no crib appeared. We called them twice and in the end, a portable crib came. It is very small, very uncomfortable. But we had no choice, because at least, our girl won’t fall out of the crib.

Okay, another problem emerged afterwards, the sink failed to drain. They promised to come and fix it, but, nobody showed up.

The next day, in the afternoon, we were taking a rest in our room. We felt the room temperature was high, so we checked the meter. It showed the room temperature to be 19 degree. That was not true, it was definitely not 19 degree for sure. We had to set the temperature to 17 degree, so that the air conditioner could start to run. Then we called the technician. He came to check the air conditioner and then said:” Temporarily, I have no idea how to solve this problem. Your way works.” But, the weird thing is that in the evening, the room temperature suddenly showed to be 23 degree, which should be the REAL room temperature. Why did the meter suddenly work in a normal way? Was it controlled by some system for some reason?

Our car was parked in the valet parking of Hyatt Regency Boston. On the third day, we were leaving. When we got our car back, my hubby found a cell phone lying on the seat. Beside the cell phone, we were shocked to see that the “precious cargo inside” sign was broken and all the tissue was gone. Looking at the floor, what a mess! There were pizza crusts everywhere! My all coins were gone and only an empty bag was left. Our GPS was unplugged and the car was hit somewhere.

We realized that our car was used by somebody else. After talking with the manager, we called the police.


Our vacation was totally ruined by Hyatt.

Again, never stay in Hyatt Regency Boston, never, never!

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