Soy milk

I found dry soybeans in Bulk Barn, happily, I carried one bag home and it is time to enjoy soy milk.

Before developing soy milk, dry beans need to be soaked fully overnight. To make 4 L soy milk, 320 cc dry soybean is required.

Put half of the soaked beans into a blender, add 1 cup water and "grind" for 5 seconds. The mixture becomes very sticky. Add 1/2 cup water to dilute the mixture and "grind" for another two 5 seconds. Add 1/2 cup water, "sauce" for three 5 seconds. Stand jelly strainer bag in the sieve, and pour the puree into the bag, filter, the filtrate is the raw soy milk. Wash the residue with four 1 cup water, and combine all the filtrate. Squash the bag with residue inside to make the residue as dry as possible.

Work on another half of soaked beans.

Heat the raw soy milk to 100 C and keep boiling for at least ten minutes. (For all raw soybean protein products heat is necessary to destroy the activity of the protease inhibitors naturally present in the soybean. The pancreas naturally secretes proteases to digest a protein meal. Eating raw soybeans on a regular basis causes the pancreas to hypersecrete, leading to benign tumors of the pancreas.)

After cooling down the boiled soy milk, soybean sheet forms on the surface of the milk. This sheet can be eaten directly or dry the sheet and wrap it with granulated pork/beef to make some special Asian style dish.

Store soy milk in refrigerator and enjoy!

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