Stir-fried julienne green bean and ground beef

When I cook green bean, I like to use "French cut" instead of "cutting into 1 inch length", because julienne green bean can absorb more flavour, and it is crispy after stir-fried.

I want my cooking colourful, so I choose ground beef to accompany green bean; besides, they are fat donor and acceptor -- green bean needs fat so that it can smell and taste good, while ground beef has too much fat.

I first break ends off green beans. Slice one green bean in half longwise and cut each obtained slice into another half longwise.

Okay, let's do something on ground beef. Season ground beef with salt and soy sauce, not too much, just for taste. Add 2 tbsp oil and blend them well (this can avoid ground beef sticking together and forming balls).

In a hot wok, add some oil and stir-fry julienne green bean until it turns into bright green color; stir in ground beef, and scatter beef over green bean. Keep on stirring until clear oil can be seen (water has all evaporated).

Pour the stir-fried mixture into a sieve to remove oil (liquid fat).

Well, now, it is ready to serve (with rice cooked).

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