I bought two chayotes.

I didn't have any idea how to cook when I put them in our shopping cart. I remembered that Chinese people like to decorate their New Year with dried chayote, because it looks like Buddha's hand, a symbol of peace, health and prosperity.

I tried one slice of chayote, it tasted like apple, very juicy and crispy. In this way, I think it can be julienne and served as salad.

Here they are: julienne chayote, julienne carrot and some golden raisin.

Add some virgin olive oil and sprinkle salt before served.

Olive oil can cover veggie well, so that they won't lose moist. A little bit salt is for taste. What the golden raisin for? Ha, that's amazing! Raisin absorbs some moist from veggie after the salad is seasoned with salt and brings sort of chewy and sweet; like a surprise hiding in veggie :)

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