Tapioca pudding

I have some homemade rice powder and sticky rice powder left in the freezer. So, why
not try tapioca pudding?

Besides the two powders, I need small tapioca pearl, two egg white, granulated sugar, and oil.

(1) Bring 10 cup water to boil, stir in 250 g small tapioca pearl; bring water to boil again and reduce heat to low, cover and cook for 30 minutes or until tapioca pearls are all translucent.

(2) Add some cold water to lower the viscosity, strain through a sieve and wash pearls with tap water until pearls are not sticky.

(3) In a mixing bowl, blend 100 g sticky rice powder and 100 g rice powder, well mixed with 1/2 cup water to get an even paste.

(4) Beat two egg white to stiff peak (beaten egg white won't fall down when bowl is turned up-side-down).

(5) Under medium power, in a hot sauce pot, add 1/4 cup oil, and stir in 200 g granulated sugar until sugar is fully melted as brown liquid; add tapioca pearl and blend well (very shiny pearls, I really love this); shut down power, stir in paste followed by beaten egg white.

(6) Line small bowl or container with muffin cup, fully fill muffin cup with batter. Place bowls in steamer.

(7) Bring lower pot to boil and put on steamer, cover and steam for 15 minutes under medium power.

(8) Let cool to room temperature and then chill in the fridge.

Make 15 puddings.

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