Homemade Rice powder

(1) Soak 2 cup rice for 6 hours, strain and add into blender.

(2) Add 1 cup water, blend under "grind" mode followed by "sauce" mode.

(3) Strain through jelly strainer bag, keep filtrate in a container and squeeze white paste in bag as dry as possible.

(4) Line wire rack with two-layer cheesecloth, divide paste into small portions and sprinkle over cheesecloth, let dry in ambient air.

(5) For filtrate in container, let sit in the fridge overnight. Remove upper clear water with baster, transfer precipitate to cheesecloth, let dry in ambient air too.

(6) Mill bulky rice powder in mortar and pestle, transfer to a sealed bag and keep frozen.

* About 400 g rice powder can be obtained from 2 cup rice.

** For preparation of sticky rice powder, starting with sticky rice under the same directions.

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