Duck fat: Healthy or not?

It is my second time to make braised duck . I was curious how much fat a duck has, so I kept all fat separated or removed from either browning duck or before condensing sauce in the cup -- in the end, I obtained totally about 1 cup fat. That's crazy!

My friend told me that I can intake duck fat as much as I would like to, because duck fat is unsaturated. But how can I believe that after finding the fat solidify in the fridge?

Okay, now here is the answer (I grabbed it from internet):

Look at the data, actually, in duck fat, about 2/3 is unsaturated fat, however, there is still 68 g of saturated fat. It is a wise choice to discard this cup of duck fat.

I later took another look at butter, chicken fat... etc. Yeah, chicken, if there is no hormone fed, is a very healthy diet. It seems that shrimp is not as good as I expected. Probably, I should take more smelt than shrimp :P

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