Sourdough starter: Day 1

I eventually decided that I should try sourdough. To make this happen, first of all, I made starter. I don't wanna discard half of the starter and feed it as described in traditional recipes. So, I chose a short term (three to four days) way to prepare fresh sourdough starter.

I had one glass bottle (500 mL) fully washed and dried.

Heat 3/4 cup water to warm, and add 1 tsp active dry yeast. Let stand 15 minutes to activate. Whisk into 1/2 cup all purpose flour, and transfer the mixture to the clean bottle. Place a plastic cover on (don't screw, just cover to keep the mixture out of contamination).

Okay, that's it. Look at the pic, not bad, eh? Clear water layer, not pinky, that's a good sign.

Just wait and see what will happen tomorrow.

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