I used to buy fillet. But, this time, I just got attracted by the special positions of its eyes, and picked one back home. It was not easy to clean a flounder. My granny always told me not to
break the gallbladder, otherwise the fillet would taste bitter.

Almost well-done:

The bone, I stewed it to prepare stock.

Season fillet with salt, drain and dry.

In a 1 qt. pot, add small dices of celery and carrot, fish stock and ketchup, some salt for taste, stew at medium power.

In a skillet, add some oil, heat under medium power.

Dredge fillet with 1/4 cup all purpose flour, and fry in the hot oil until fillet turns to white in color.

Transfer to a plate.

Stir leftover flour in the skillet, then stir in well cooked vegetable mixture. Pour condensed mixture on fillet.

Serve immediately.

Taste very special.


cheese puff said...

Wow.. Ruby, what a great blog you have! I didn't realize you were on blogspot too! So beautiful. :)

Ruby@Cuisine said...

LOL, welcome cheese puff! A huge hug!

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