How does steamed sourdough bun taste?

Sourdough bread tastes so great, then, how about steamed sourdough bread? I used the same method to prepare sourdough starter and finish the first fermentation. After pressing out the gas, I shaped them as that I did in making steamed bread. And let them sit for about 30 minutes.

I steamed them for 15 minutes and then shut down power, keeping the steamer covered for another 3 minutes.

Okay, let me take a look.

It seems that those buns were in good shape with a shiny skin.

However, ur, it tasted too SOUR, too tangy.


I think and think and think...

First of all, it is the temperature.

Baking carries out at 375 - 425F, much higher than steaming. This high temperature allow alcohol to evaporate and leave the bun as much as possible and the rate is quite faster. Therefore, baked sourdough bread doesn't have a strong taste of alcohol. I later did another test -- reheating chilled steamed buns in microwave (uncovered), and it comes out with a better taste. See, that's it!

The other reason is that baking provides buns a crusty skin, which smells good and tastes marvellous and covers the tangy and sour tastes a lot.

So, traditional cuisine deserves frank trust; and, most of time, we pay cost in innovation :(

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