Cook rice without rice cooker?

Am I crazy? Life is boring, why not finding some exciting thing to do?

I would like to find out how my granny cooked rice in a traditional way -- without rice cooker, only a pot on the stove.

Here is my experiment:

1) In a 1 qt. pot, add 1 cup rinsed calrose rice (two serves), soak with 1 1/3 cup water for 1 hour (1 2/3 cup water for Thai jasmine scented rice);

2) Bring it to boil under medium power, stir every five minutes;

3) Reduce heat to minimum, cover and cook; rotate pot gently to let condensed water aggregating beneath cover flow down to rice;

4) Cook until "holes" or "craters" can be found;

5) Simmer for another 10 minutes;

6) Shut down power, cover and let stand on the stove for another 5 minutes.

Okay, it is time to enjoy the shiny and pearl like rice. Much better than the rice cooked with rice cooker LOL

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