Another simple asparagus

For my tips on how to preserve asparagus, please visit: How to keep asparagus fresh


(1) Rinse asparagus and trim off tough ends;

(2) Cut asparagus into three portions; halve the thick portion lengthwise, but don't break the delicate part;

(3) In a skillet, add chicken stock (about 1 cm deep) and 1 tsp salt, bring to boil;

(4) Place in asparagus (one layer only, don't stack), cover and simmer for 3 minutes under low heat, and transfer asparagus to a plate;

(5) Repeat until all asparagus has been cooked;

(6) Whisk into 2 tbsp tapioca starch, condense the sauce;

(7) Drizzle sauce on mushroom and asparagus, serve immediately.

Asparagus looks very fresh, doesn't it?

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