Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Last weekend, we traveled to Joggins Fossil Cliffs:

Joggins is located on the head of Bay of Fundy, famous for its high tide -- the marks on this wind turbine shows the range between lowest and highest tides at Joggins, which is about 15 meters.

The tidal action causes steady erosion of the 23 metres' high cliffs, constantly revealing new fossils.

This cliff looks like the sculpture of "Mount Rushmore National Memorial":

Joggins is a former coal mining area; but it closed after Springhill mining disaster (1958). Coal can be easily found on the beach.

Most of the famous and important fossils are now in the museum:

What we found:

It is very important to check the timetable of tide before heading to Joggins; staying on the beach two hours before/ after the highest tide is dangerous. We arrived there at five in the afternoon, which was three hours after the highest tide. Look at the beautiful ocean:

A funny stone:

Baby mud Shrimp:

Soft beach:


Here it is -- Sunset!

After seven, it became foggy and windy, the new tide was coming:

So long...

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