Duck in soy sauce

Here it is: our dinner, delicious duck, which was cooked in a very traditional Chinese way -- soy sauce + sugar. Soy sauce provides special taste and smell, while sugar is the secret of shinny color. Duck fat can be easily separated in the end, so this is quite healthy.

(1) A whole duck, cut into small dices, rinse and dry with paper towel.

(2) Marinate duck with 2 tsp salt and several tbsp dark soy sauce, let sit in the fridge overnight.

(3) Heat the pot under medium power.

(4) Add some vegetable oil, and put duck dices into the pot, stir until brown.

(5) Add two white part of green onion, one star anise, two pieces of ginger root and 2 tbsp rice wine, reduce heat to medium low or low, cover and let cook for 30 minutes.

(6) Remove cover, stir and condense sauce until only clear yellowish fat left in the pot.

(7) Sprinkle 4 tsp sugar on duck dices, quickly stir to let duck dices be evenly covered with melted sugar.

(8) Drain to remove fat and transfer cooked duck onto plate.

Serve immediately.

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