Frozen tofu -- a real surprise

Freezing is an interesting technology. We are familiar with frozen vegetable and fruit, but what about tofu? Try it, I am pretty sure that everybody will be surprised. It is not the tofu we know any more. It turns spongy and tastes so different, amazingly juicy.

To make this frozen tofu, the ideal type is firm or extra firm. It is strongly recommended to fully remove the water before freezing tofu, otherwise, it will take very long time to defrost. An easy way to remove water is pinking some holes with toothpick on the top of the package, so that the package won't be damaged too much and can be put into the freezer as soon as possible. This can prevent tofu from being contaminated.

frozen tofu

Frozen tofu is a very good ingredient in soup. Tonight, our comfort dinner is chicken broth with frozen tofu and mushroom.

soup of frozen tofu

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