I am an artist :)

I never thought that I could draw a sketch some day, but today, I make my dream come true.

Here is my work -- a sketch of my hubby LOL

Did I draw it? Sort of... with the help of photoshop cs2, everyone can be an artist.

1. Open a photo in photoshop cs2 (or other version), duplicate layer as "layer 1";

2. Activate Layer 1, and Image --> Adjustments --> Desaturate;duplicate layer as "layer 2";

3. Activate Layer 2

(1) Image --> Adjustments -->Invert;

(2) layer --> layer style -->blending options;

(3) modify blending options --> general blending --> blend mode: color dodge;

(4) Filter --> Blur -->Gaussian blur --> Radius: 9 (or some other proper value);

(5) Choose brush tool,use Normal mode and set the color of foreground as black, its opacity is 2% and flow is 100%, highlight the characteristic part, then raise opacity to 5%, highlight eye, eyebrow and slash; then change the color of foreground to white, clean the background of photo with brush.

4. Activate both "Layer 1" and "Layer 2", merge layers.

5. Adjust brightness/contrast and curves to have a bright color and sharp curve.

6. Use film grain, rough pastels or texturizer (sandstone mode) in filter --> filter gallery to produce a more pro pic.

7. Make a signature.


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