[Nice - London - Paris] Part 13: London, the second day, sunny...

EVENTUALLY, we saw a lovely sunny day.

We had a long list to do, but, sigh...the tube was still crawling. We spent too much time waiting for the tube, and the tube frequently stopped because of some signal failure. In the end, we didn't have time to see Natural History Museum and enjoy the afternoon tea at the Orangery. But, anyway, it was a sunny day!

We had our English breakfast in the nearby restaurant, a very heavy, high-cholesterol feast in the morning. I have never had two eggs in one morning. I didn't like the taste of cumberland sausage, but the grilled tomato and mushroom, bacon, sunny-side-up, beans (it might be soy bean) and toast were pretty good. I added milk into black tea, very smooth.

english breakfast_01

english breakfast_02

We took District Line to Tower Hill.
Snow was still everywhere.


A bird view from Tower Bridge:

View from tower bridge_02

The shinny bullet shaped building is 30 St Mary Axe (also named as Gherkin).

View from tower bridge_03

Some details of Tower Bridge:

tower bridge_01

tower bridge_02

tower bridge_04

I took bunch of photos of Tower Bridge from different angles, they all look amazing:

tower bridge_03

tower bridge_05

This one is my favorite -- it looks very historic, a heritage after centuries.

tower bridge_06

The next stop is London Tower:

Tower of London_01

Tower of London_02

Tower of London_03

Byward Tower:

Tower of London_04_Byward tower

Typical wooden gate in London Tower:

Tower of London_05

Water lane:

Tower of London_06_water lane

Medieval Palace:

Tower of London_07_medieval palace


Tower of London_07_medieval palace_02


Tower of London_07_medieval palace_03

The centre of London Tower -- the White Tower:

Tower of London_16_white tower

Tower of London_08_white tower_01

Very fancy cannon:

Tower of London_10

Yeoman warder:

Tower of London_09_Yeoman warder

Waterloo Block:

Tower of London_11_waterloo block

The guard:

Tower of London_13_waterloo block_03

Details on the building:

Tower of London_12_waterloo block_02

Exhibition of horses:

Tower of London_14_waterloo block_04

Bloody Tower:

Tower of London_15_bloody tower

Tower of London_17_bloody tower_02

Traitor's gate:

Tower of London_18_Traitors' Gate

We were told "all change" when the tube had just arrived at Blackfraiars Station, which is still several-station away from our hotel. Well, then just grab the chance to take a look there.

St Paul's Cathedral:

St Paul's cathedral_01

I love this statue, so real:

St Paul's cathedral_02

St Brides Church with moon:

St brides church

Chinese cuisine in London is pretty good. We love noodle with roast duck, wonton noodle... and the stir-fried dishes are tasty too. This is our dinner: stir-fried beef with vegetables and stir-fried water morning glories.


A good dinner does provide energy. We kept on waiting in the Tube station with tens of passengers for more than one hour; in the end, a tube came and carried us back to the hotel.

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