[Nice - London - Paris] Part 12: London, a city swept by snow

The overnight heavy snow brought London to a different world. It is a gift for children, they threw snow balls to each other and made snowman, laughing, singing and enjoying. However, the whole city stopped running, and was terribly in mess. Without train, Cambridge University was too far to reach. Anyway, let's stay in London and see something unusual.

view from hotel

Compared with those who had to be stuck at home, we were so lucky to have a hotel close to District Line, which was one of the few lines still crawling to some destinations. We got off at Victoria Station, walked along Buckingham Palace Road, and passed by a square with statue of Ferdinand Foch:

Ferdinand Foch statue

Queen's Gallery:

Queen's gallery

Buckingham Palace:

Buckingham palace_02

The square:

Buckingham palace_01

Buckingham palace_06


Buckingham palace_03

Queen Victoria looks more vivid with snow:

Buckingham palace_04

The Angel:

Buckingham palace_05

Gate of Canada Garden:

Buckingham palace_07_canada garden

In Garden of Canada:

Buckingham palace_08_canada garden

Buckingham palace_09_canada garden

St James's Park:

St james's park_01

Delicate and colorful flowers:

St james's park_02

St james's park_04


St james's park_05

What is this?

St james's park_06

Graceful weeping willow:

St james's park_07

There are many pelicans in Duck Island:

St james's park_08_pelican

It looks like a bald man:

St james's park_09_pelican

This one likes to show-off:

St james's park_11_pelican

Greylag goose and Canada goose:

St james's park_10

Old Admiralty Building:

Old admiralty building

Horse Guards Parade:

Horse guard parade

Churchill Museum:

churchill museum

The Treasury:

No 1 Horse guards road_the treasury

A building:


Big Ben and Houses of Parliament:

Big ben and houses of parliament

Big ben and houses of parliament_03

Big ben_02

A church on the opposite side of Parliament:

opposite the parliament building

Night view of River Thames:


The most fantastic view in London -- London Eye:

london eye_02

london eye

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