Streamed and boiled gluten

Gluten food

Besides soybean products, gluten is another very important ingredient for vegetarians. The steamed gluten has a chewy texture. It can be cooked like meat and brings very similar taste or even more tasty. And the boiled gluten is quite juicy and smooth, it can be stir-fried with other vegetables.

Here is how I make gluten food:

(1) Add 1 tsp active dry yeast in 520 mL water, and stir in 375 gram wheat gluten to make a dough.

(2) Cover and let it proof until double (or three times bigger) in size. And then halve the dough, knead until the texture of dough becomes fine and even.

(3) For steamed gluten, place one dough in the bamboo steamer lined with cheesecloth, cover the steamer. Put the steamer on the pot with boiling water and let steam for 30 minutes. Flush hot steamer with tap water, so that the steamed gluten can be easily separated from cheesecloth. Cut steamed gluten into small dices (See left part of the picture above).

(4) For boiled gluten, divide the other dough into small balls, and put them into boiling water. Cover the pot and let boil for 30 minutes. Flush hot boiled gluten with tap water to separate boiled gluten balls. Slice or dice boiled gluten (See right part of the picture above).

I stir-fried boiled gluten with green soybean and mushroom:

gluten food 02

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