My first croissant!


The travel to France drives me crazy in croissant. Since then, I have been dreaming of making my own croissant. Today, I MAKE it! Very light, flaky, buttery on the outside and tender on the inside. I am so excited. I gave some to my friends, and their responses were the same:"Mmmm, yummy."

I use the recipe from Ochef.

And, my tips:

* Butter, had better be put at room temperature as early as possible. A very soft butter helps a lot.

** Turn dough smooth-side down, and then cut it into four-leaf clover shape. This can prevent the dough from broken when rolled.

*** Flour working counter is very important. If the dough sticks on the counter, the bottom will be broken. Any broken layer of dough will result in either bad shape or failure. I unfortunately broke one layer.

**** Triangle dough had better be long triangle instead of the short one. If the dough is too short, stretch it. A long triangle dough can be rolled at least three layers and give a beautiful shape of crescent.

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