Palmitos (Le Palmier)


I asked my friends what is the exact name for Palmier, one of the funny answers is "elephant ears". When I was a little girl, my grandpa used to buy me one after he came back from shopping center, where there was a famous bakery store with all kinds of puffy and flaky cookies. He named it as "puffy butterfly" -- what a beautiful name.

I would like to make my own puff pastry. Although it is time-consuming, it is not hard, just do step by step, with great patience. It is like my daily job in the lab, full of fun. In my pastry, I use 250 g all purpose flour, 250 butter, 1 pinch salt and 135 ml cold water. I love this video, it is my bible:

The website below gives a very detailed direction of how to make palmitos:

I bake palmitos under 350 F, which gives light color, very pretty. I brought these palmitos to a party, and everybody loves it:


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