Candied orange zest

Candied orange zest is perfect topping for dessert. It is my favorite snack too. The color is adorable.

(1) Wash oranges and trim zest with peeler. Don't peel too deep, if zest strips have any pith, remove them, otherwise it will taste very bitter. I like the wide strips for snack. If they are going to be used as topping, julienne strips.

(2) In a sauce pan, add zest strips and 1 cup cold water, bring to boil and then drain, discard water. Take one strip and taste, if it is still bitter, repeat this step, until zest strip is not bitter any more (usually three times).

(3) In empty sauce pan, add 1/3 cup water and 1/3 cup sugar, heat under high power and stir until sugar is fully dissolved. Return drained strips to pan and bring to boil, simmer under medium-low until strips turn translucent. Remove cover, stir until juice is all absorbed by strips.

(4) Remove from heat. If a very sweet taste is preferred, coat hot strips with sugar; otherwise, cool strips completely and then coat with sugar.

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