My home grown bean sprout

bean sprout 02

Have you ever seen mung bean, little tiny greenish bean? That's the raw material of bean sprout. It is easy to home grow the bean sprout, and believe it or not, it tastes totally different from the one sold in supermarket -- very fresh, very very fresh.

(1) Soak 2 tbsp dry mung beans in water (room temperature) overnight or 12 hours.

(2) In a 4 L icecream container, place a wet towel at the bottom, add some water (the level is just over towel).

(3) Evenly place the beans on the towel and then cap the container, put the container in a dark and warm place.

(4) Check the water level very 12 hours, add some water if necessary, but never let the beans soaked into the water. What happens in the container? Let's peek in the container on the second and sixth day:

bean sprout 01

Well, how much can I harvest?

bean sprout 03

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wendyywy @ Table for 2..... or more said...

I've been searching for a way to grow my own beansprouts.

I might try this out.
Thanks for sharing.

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