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My 11month+1week+3day’ old daughter Felicia has never felt interested in hard boiled egg yolk. Mix it in cereal or fruit puree? Not that easy, only banana puree used to work. You see, I use the word "used to”, that means new problem needs to be solved. Since she had four pearls in her mouth, she would like to take banana as finger food instead of the infantish puree. Then, the yolk has no way to hide.

Felicia likes my home-made yogurt. Maybe that’s why she names all her favorite food YOGURT(yes, no lying,she can say yogurt). She prefers the tofu-like protein part, if I blend it with whey, she will shake her head.

So, what if I make yolk taste like yogurt?

My memory turned the page to Silky steamed egg custard. I separated yolk from egg white and cooked in the same way. But it came out in a poor shape, not silky at all.

Then, next page, Crème brûlée! Congrats! It is like baked egg yolk, isn’t it? In the recipe, there is NO water. I bet water is a problem.

Okay, here comes my recipe of silky steamed egg yolk, lah-lah-lah:

1- Beat one egg yolk in 1/4 cup whole milk and then strain the mixture to a small bowl (in this way, foam is removed).
2- In a steamer, bring water to boil; place the bowl into the steamer, cover the bowl first, then, cover the steamer.
3- Let it steam for 8 minutes.
4- Remove the bowl from the steamer as soon as possible, let it cool to room temperature and then serve.

Does it work? I gave Felicia one tiny portion to try, she tasted it and then opened her mouth for the next spoon. Yeah~~~~

If your family has allergy to egg white, don’t try this recipe to your baby until you know egg white is safe for her. Because there must be some trace amount of egg white staying with yolk via this kind of separation.

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