『Toddler food』Spinach pancake

I didn’t take photo for this pancake, because I never expect that my daughter, Felicia, will like this leafy veggie pancake after her first bite. And the recipe is the result of my first experiment, I was not confident at all if it could pass the “inspection”.

When I showed this green pancake to Felicia, she starred at it seriously – what is this strange thing? She tried it very carefully, just a very tiny bite. Then, she leaned on the high chair and degusted it. All of a sudden, her eyes shone; she sat straight up and pointed to the pancake,which means, please go ahead!

I feel so excited and well, it seems that the recipe is almost perfect.

Here it is:

1- Add a little water and puree 9 oz baby spinach.

2- Add two eggs, 6 tbsp whole wheat flour and a pinch salt into spinach puree and mix until smooth.

3- Under medium high power, heat a non-stick pan. Add 1 tbsp batter for each pancake. I didn’t add oil, because this batter is very wet and it can absorb any drop of oil to make itself greasy.

Next time, I will try to add some butter in the batter, which can give my little toddler more energy, and create some aroma as well.

I freeze those pancakes. Before served, it is heated in the microwave oven @ pizza mode.

Very soft pancake, and it is GREEN.

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Poldi, Muffin, and me said...

Happy Birthday to your little baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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