Baked chicken thigh with crispy skin

 baked chicken thigh

I like baked chicken with crispy skin and juicy meat. Recently, I learned this recipe and it works so perfect.

(1) Rinse chicken thighs and dry with paper towel;

(2) Marinate thighs with salt and white pepper powder;

(3) In a big flat-bottomed container, line some sticks at the bottom and then put thighs on the sticks (so that they don't touch the bottom), loosely cover the container and let sit in the fridge overnight;

(4) Rinse thighs to remove excess salt and pepper, dry with paper towel;

(5) Mix barbecue sauce and dark soy sauce, brush on the thighs;

(6) Let wire rack sit on a plate, place thighs on, and keep them uncovered in the fridge for another one to two hours;

(7) Preheat oven to 350 F;

(8) Put thighs on the rack with drip trap, bake for one hour or until the instant temperature reaches 150 F.

Yummo, yummo.

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