Last color of autumn

After several windy days, the whole world is half dead with empty branches. I feel lucky that we traveled to some nearby small towns last weekend and captured the last color of this autumn.

Most colorful spots are along the highway, which do upset me a lot. I tried to shoot, but you know, while the car is running, sigh... it is hard.

Here is my most satisfacting pic, at least it is not blurred lol:


Blair River located in Amherst:


Oxford, famous for its wild blue berry:


Pugwash, a town with bilingual street signs -- English and Gaelic:


Wallace, some spots are really amazing, but just nowhere to park :(

 wallace 01

A very beautiful road (Lake Road) located in Truro, where there are broad blueberry fields:


Wentworth Provincial Park, which was absolutely an surprise for us. We knew nothing about this park before, but, see, saving the last for the best:

 WentWorthProvPark 01

 WentWorthProvPark 02

 WentWorthProvPark 03

What a reflection:

 WentWorthProvPark 04

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